Important Dates


Here are a few dates in our contract that are of importance.

Salary Advancement  December 1:

3. In order to move horizontally  on the salary schedule at the beginning of the school year, a Unit A member must notify the superintendent of the anticipated column change in writing by the preceding December 1.

Early Retirement   January 1:
In addition, the teacher must submit a written request to participate in the early retirement incentive program to the superintendent’s office by January 1 of the Fiscal Year prior to the effective date of retirement; i.e. by January 1, 2017 for the 2018 retirement date.

Course Reimbursement   June 1:
e.         Verifications and applications must be received in the superintendent’s office by June 1 of the school year.  The amount of individual reimbursement will be dependent on the total amount budgeted.  Provided the total is not exceeded by request, full reimbursement will be made to all applicants.  If the total of the requested reimbursements exceeds the amount budgeted, reimbursement will be awarded proportionately to the individuals.

Educator Evaluation Dates